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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Designing the glove

A hand based sensor system to sense heart rate and galvanic skin response. Part of the biometric social interaction system designed by GeekPhysical.

The two copper rings - which will eventually be stainless steel so that anyone can use them without risk of allergy - are designed to pick up the difference in resistance in the skin. A change in resistance can, according to research in Galvanic Skin Response, indicate a change in emotion or state within the wearer.

The index finger cover houses an LED and a photo transistor. The LED shines light on your finger, and the photo transistor measures the amount of light passing through your finger. As blood pulses through your finger, the amount of light seen changes, (the light intensity changes) and the photo transistor records values. This indicates heartrate.

Our next step is a)Making a glove and b)exploring EEGs through adaptation of the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator, which we're working on trying to get the data out of. Currently, its a game controller, but we want to get the values of the different brainwaves so we can study the changes as people socially interact.

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