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Friday, January 15, 2010

BioMapping with GSR

We found this fantastic piece by "Christian Nold, a London-based artist, used GPS coordinates coupled with a device that measured participant’s galvanic skin response as they walked through a designated urban area."See Biomapping site here

As much as we're interested in facilitating biometric SOCIAL interaction, we think its really interesting to think about how "emotional location data" (as Nold terms it) could set the stage for places within a city. Perhaps one is looking for an area where high emotions exist, you could find areas of high excitement, of frustration, of peacefulness, and depending on your goal (avoiding frustration while driving) you could plan your route, or even your social interactions with this concept. Imagine you’re looking to socially interact with others so you visit the high excitement area and find like-minded people interested in discussing and playing with biometric responses. It could be a fantastic venue, even if it’s just a street corner, well known for its emotional qualities.

Since we also like to explore proximity and heart rate, we wonder what happens if these elements are added to Biomapping - perhaps people can see when they were most exerted during the day (a long walk to work in heels?) or where both their emotions and heart rate peaked, perhaps an encounter with a friend, in which case, the proximity sensor would be of interesting note. Some fun thoughts to consider!

Nice work Mr. Nold we look forward to hearing more about this!

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