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Thursday, October 8, 2009

BSI - Hardware

The hardware is complete! A victory after three weeks of working insanely hard (well one of us working insanely hard and the other being an excellent non-hardware expert kinda cheerleader).
A quick rundown of what's in the photo:
Sunglasses have infrared sensor/receiver. Finger hold has galvanic skin response sensor and heart rate sensor. All cased within a sexy black box!

Participants will place the finger sensor on their index finger, and it will receive heart rate/galvanic skin response data and the sunglasses have an IR sensor so when people look at each other, it registers.

Hardware built, some much appreciated help from our friend Jonas (check out his site: http://www.halfdanj.dk/) on the software and away we go! .... well soon. A few more things to be done first. But then we go! :) Festival della Creativita here we come!

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